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New Moon, Stars, Milky Way, The Pacific from Kauai

As the calendar on Kauai moved from April 20th to April 21st, The New phase of the Moon came into play.

New Moon Stars Milky Way Pacific Ocean from Kauai © Jeffrey H. Lubeck MESH Art LLC. – all rights reserved.

— Jeff’ Thoughts and Other Worthless Trivia —

There is a satellite in the upper left center traveling towards towards the horizon.  It is passing just below the tail of Scorpius.  The big white dot towards to the bottom left of the image is a fishing boat.  The ocean and our beach can be made out as well,

Equipment, Location and Other Details

Camera: Nikon Z9

Lens:  Nikon Z 20MM 1.8

Exposure: 13 Seconds

Aperture: F2.0

ISO: 4000

Beachfront at house in Waimea Kauai Hawaii

Facing Southwest

4/21/2023 5:00 AM

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