How Well Will You Deal With What is Before You? – Ove

A Man Called Ove is a film that is astonishing on almost every aspect imaginable.

The film will likely emote every emotion (out of its viewers) possible.  Because of its sincerity and heart warming nature, A man Called Ove must be endured through the “tough” and “disagreeable” times presented.  All scenes (will upon reflection) make sense and offer a storyline that is as complete and true that any film can offer.

*** Jeff’s Thoughts and Other Worthless Trivia ***

A Man Called Ove was nominated for an Academy Award as Best Foreign Film and Makeup and Styling in 2017.

Let’s See… Moonlight won Best Film.  Really?  Moonlight was more than okay.  However, I have not watched it again.  I would rate it – Three Stars out of Four.  AA Nominees, Manchester By The Sea, Hidden Figures, and Hell or High Water are far superior.  I have watched all at least 5 times since viewing in a theater.  Hacksaw Ridge and LaLa Land, Arrival and Fences were better by long run as well.


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