All About Fate & Romance – Rye Lane

Rye Lane is all about fate and romance as we would want it to be. Rye Lane is a superb film.

While it is a 21st Century Romantic Comedy, Rye Lane will suit old and young.

The script by Nathon Bryon and Tom Melia allows the lead characters to be quirky and enjoyable.  These actors (David Jonsson and Vivian Oparah) are new to being leads in film.  However, their connection and affectation are memorable and endearing.

While watching the film, take some notice of the Direction (Raine Allen-Miller), Cinematography (by Olan Collardy) Sets (by Jessmay Hadfield) and Costumes (by Cynthia Lawrence-John).  All are noteworthy. In short, each aspect is terrific.

What I liked most about the film?  It is of a London that feels real, and like nothing from a standard Hollywood product.

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