Kauai Nikon Z9 Photography Wildlife Z9 400MM F2.8 Lens

Capturing Kauai: Songs from the Yard

Singing in the Yard. © Jeffrey H. Lubeck MESH Art LLC – all rights reserved.

A male and female white-rumped shama share the yard at 9930 Kahakai with Linda and I.  The white-rumped shama is a song-bird.  It is native to India and Asia.  It was introduced to Kauai in 1931 as a gift by someone from Malaysia.

The male normally drops by in the later part of the afternoon.  He likes our Plumeria tree most. This bird and yours truly have sung to each other for years.   I know its songs and sing them to the best of my abilities. My guess? I am really bad.

Below is a recording of a white-rumped shama in song.  Note: recorded by L. Shyamal.

This is a wonderful bird and great singing partner!

— Jeff’s Thoughts and Other Trivia —

I captured the photographs with the following camera and configuration

Nikon Z 9 Camera

Nikon Z 400MM 2.8 Lens

ISO: 640 

Aperture: F5

Shutter Speed 1/2500

Upon magnifying the image to 400% I can see my reflection (taking the picture) in the white-rumped shama’s eye.


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