Prey – Exciting From Start to Finish

Prey – This film (if Suspended Disbelief is applied) is a dandy. Prey is thrilling and superbly acted. It is the prequel to the Predator films.  Prey holds its own on every front.  You do not need to know any aspect about of the series to enjoy this film.

Prey is best viewed on a big screen in a big movie theater.  While it can been seen on less, the big screen and big soundtrack experience is worth 10x more than at home.

If you like Thriller and Action films, Prey is a must see!

**** Jeff’s Thoughts and Other Worthless Trivia ****

I rarely (if ever) like films with a material amount of Computer Graphic Imagery (CGI).  I rarely (if ever) like films with super-heroes defying logic or reason.  I rarely (if ever) like films that blatantly run over fact.  Prey does all of the above – yet I really like this film.

Please Note: North American Indians, Buffalo, Bears, French Trappers, Predator Invaders from Outside the Solar System and Faithful Dogs could argue they are not depicted correctly in this film and demand a public hearing!

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