The Duke – Worthy of Your Time

Films by Roger Mitchell (Notting Hill, The Mother, Changing Lanes) present storylines and its actors with superb depth and detail.  The Duke is no exception.

The Duke, similar to the others listed above, is a story about human nature.  The Duke is based on a true story.  The Duke presents to its audience all the strengths and weaknesses involved in human nature. It is delivered by some of the best actors of our day (.i.e., Helen Mirren, Jim Broadbent, and Mathew Goode).  It is also delivered superbly by the rest of the cast.

Roger Mitchell deserves a great of deal of credit for The Duke.  Unfortunately Mitchell passed away soon after this film was completed.

**** Jeff’s Thoughts and Other Worthless Trivia ****

The Mother is a fascinating film.  It might be Mitchell’s and Daniel Craig’s best work.

Mathew Goode is often cast in the role of a self aware privileged person of English society.  However, when it comes to acting, this guy is a chameleon.  Check out the Lookout.  Goode plays a completely amoral killer born in the U.S. – to perfection.

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