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Sunday Stroll Up Boundary Creek.

Linda and I decided to take a stroll with The Border Collies on Sunday morning.  Our stroll was The Boundary Creek hike in the White Cloud Mountains.  The views of the Sawtooth Mountains from the trail are as good as it gets.

The Trailhead for Boundary Creek is east of the National Fish Hatchery just south of Stanley.

With 2,100 vertical feet of gain in less than 3 miles (to 8,800 feet elevation) the Boundary Creek Trail route is hardly an easy stroll. Most rating sites categorize this trail as:  Difficult.  However, Linda and I have hiked this trail most of our adult lives.  So, for us – it is a kind of steep and rewarding hike that is part of mix in our lives. Last year was the first in about 12-15 years we did not take the hike.  The fire season of 2021 eliminated almost any chance taking the hike.

There is water (bridge crossing at Boundary Creek) about 1/2 mile into the hike.  This is a great spot for the dogs towards the start and end of the hike. Other than that, this is a dry trail.  There are many spots where old-growth timber provides protection and respite from the sun. The big trees are 350-600 years-old. However, there are major sections of the trail that are in an open sage-brush setting and can be very hot.  We always hike this trail in the early AM and return to the trailhead before NOON.

As is the norm, Linda sets a brisk pace.  While the pitch is fairly steep (700 vertical feet per mile), it is easy to get into a rhythm.  And hiking is all about rhythm,

Linda Ruth Lubeck & Sage & Willow of the Wood River Valley.

As it always the case (even non photo-shoots).  I must get shots of wild-flowers (if possible).

On this day, Linda guides us back to the trail-head by 11:30 AM.

**** Jeff’s Thoughts and Other Worthless Trivia ****

This week has been a bit stressful as Wildfire (Human Caused) has broken out at Alpine Lake – 2.75 air miles from our home in Stanley.  This situation is one we have learned to live with living on\in the Wilderness for the past 38 years.  The Human Caused part is always somewhat irritating.  Luckily the fire was contained quickly by the United States Forest Service.

The wide-angle photo of the Sawtooths includes Redfish Lake enveloped in fog.  Linda, The Border Collies and I left the cabin all in fog. There are some wonderful peaks and climbs shown in the image.  I am lucky enough to have summited the highest peaks.

Left to right – Decker Peak, The Grand Mogul, The Elephants Perch, Reward Peak, Monte Veritias, Limber Peak, Micky’s Spire, Thompson Peak, & Williams Peak.


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