The Canal Cities in the Low Countries.

Linda and I just returned from a surgical strike trip (more on that later) to visit the Canal Cities of the Low Countries.  For me that means Amsterdam, Delft and Bruges. Oh the canals.

Click HERE for the full pictorial.

On the way to Rembrandt’s place on a hazy summer morning at the Seven Bridges Canal in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.


Looking for Vermeer on a quiet morning in Delft, The Netherlands.
About to have a cup of coffee with Hans Memling in Bruges, Belgium.

On most days, canal means the Chittenden Canal – flowing through The Valley Club – as it waits to receive a golf ball I have just hit. Or it means one of the many agricultural canals carrying water to the ranches and farms.  As a child that meant the canals on Harsen’s Island when I would visit my friend Bill Dawson. As an adult it meant life on the Hood Canal (a misnamed glaciated fjord in Washington state). I really like canal cities such as Venice in Italy or San Antonio in the United States.

So what do canals mean to you?

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