The 4th Weekend Sunrise to Sunset

I am not a subscriber of trying to use a major holiday as a means to travel and experience the world.  Crowds (a.k.a. overcrowding) is the reason.  One of the advantages of being self employed all these years (owning the company and being on the payroll still means self employed) is that if we really want to go someplace and experience it at the very best time (whatever that means) we can.

So usually I stay close to home on holiday’s such as the 4th of July.  This year I stayed close to home, but ventured out enough to stretch my legs.

And what did you do for the 4th Weekend?  Anything memorable occur?

Sunrise over Obsidian, Idaho

On Saturday morning I decided to head out before sunrise and a get a shot of the Sawtooths as the sun officially started its day from a spot I have been thinking about for some time.  The result above was taken from the ridge line just above the town of Obsidian, Idaho.  Obsidian is effectively abandoned from a “town” perspective.  It is located south of Stanley and north of Smiley Creek.  People reside in what was the motel. However, the motel, grocery store and gas station are closed to general business. I was accompanied up the ridge line by Gypsy – a McNab Border Collie who must reside in one of the former motel rooms.  Gypsy was extremely helpful and full of good energy.  While waiting for the sun to rise I noticed that my fingers were getting extremely cold at the tips.  How could that be? The weather forecast indicated the temperature was going to get to into the mid 90s.  I would learn when I got back to the car, the temperature was 30 degrees.

The view during breakfast in Stanley.

After my goodbyes to Gypsy, I headed north to Stanley for some breakfast.  After purchasing a Blueberry Scone and a large Latte, I decided to go sit in the public park located just a couple hundred yards up the hill from the Stanley Bakery and consume my meal. For some reason the taste of the food was improved with this view.

With my appetite satiated, I decided to head north – downriver on the Salmon to Lower Stanley.  There is a homestead and cabin on the outskirts of Lower Stanley that I had not visited in a while.  Statistically speaking the longevity of the cabin is greatly improved because I am not responsible for upkeep and maintenance.

Sunset (looking southeast from the Summit of Indian Creek).

After dinner last night, I noticed the clouds starting to gather directly south of the house.  This meant there was a chance for a nice sunset at the top of Indian Creek.  I often hike to this spot but that would entail two hours and 3,100 vertical feet of gain. Earlier this year I discovered a lightly used four-wheel drive jeep trail that reaches the summit in a somewhat circuitous manner (i.e., travel 10 miles to sit 3 miles east of the house).  I had already used the jeep trail four times and knew that I had enough time left to catch the sunset.  I was able to get the shot above.  I was also able to determine I can change a flat tire on a downward (and somewhat steep) grade in the dark.


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