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Covering the Great Basin to Meet Some New Family Members

There are new members in the Lubeck family.  Sage and Willow have endeavored to join up with Shae dog, Merry [Christmas] dog, Valentine dog, Kyle, Linda, and yours truly.

I decided pick up our Border Collie girls by traveling the Great Basin to the Los Angeles area (Chino) and back.  It took me 52+ hours to complete the 1,606 mile round-trip.

As is well documented I have made this trip many times.

We purchased the puppies from Nancy Olds owner of Larks Croft Border Collies.  Nani is an engaging person, and at 80 years-young – she has experienced much in life.  Nani has bred and raised National Champion Jump horses in addition to Champion Border Collies.  She and her (late) husband raised four children and has lived in the same house in Chino since the mid 1960’s.  Larks Croft Border Collies are a staple in the Ralph Lauren print ads.  Nani was born in Honolulu, HI and at the age of 3 1/2 was living next to Hickam Air Field and the Pearl Harbor Navy Yard when the Japanese attacked on December 7th, 1941.  Nancy remembers the burning sky, holding her mom’s hand during the attack, and hiding under her crib.

Below is my photo essay.

The Great Basin near the Pony Express crossing on US 93.
Starting the drop down to I-15 and Las Vegas.
Poppet (mom – far left) and her four pups. Willow 2nd from right and Sage 3rd from right.
Sage on her first patrol around the house.
Willow conducting her first review on the grounds around the house.

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