Shadow Dancer: Intelligence Lost via Franchise Scheduling? *** 1/2

Shadow Dancer is a compelling movie worthy of your time and money.

Similar to Carol Reed’s **** Odd Man Out (1947) and Neil Jordan’s **** The Crying Game (1992), Shadow Dancer is an expertly paced thinking person’s Thriller about a conflict on the British Isles.  At 106 minutes run-time there are no Computer Generated Images (CGI) that need to be replayed 246 times (in order to properly amortize the expense) or Product placement. Also there are no trite and easily discarded Villains with overly long scenes explaining to our Lead actors why they must be killed by a school of Chilean Seas Bass ready to feed in a nearby pool.  Shadow Dancer is overt and subtle at-the-same-time. Just ask Ma – superbly played by Brid Brennan.

Shadow Dancer showcases two stars; the versatile, handsome and vulnerable Clive Owen (AAN The Closer, Children of Men, The Grouper) and the up and coming, handsome and vulnerable Andrea Riseborough (Oblivion).  Shadow Dancer also features, the handsome and not-so-vulnerable Gillian Anderson (X-Files) whom is somewhat misplaced, but intriguing non-the-less.

Shadow Dancer is Directed by Academy Award Winner Tom Marsh (AA Man on Wire) based on the screenplay and novel written Tom Bradby.

I never grow tired of intelligent films like these and at least for now – they can still be financed, made and released.

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