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Greenhorn on a Afternoon in June

On a sunny and warm afternoon in June I decided to take the girls (Shae Dog and Merry Dog) up Greenhorn Gulch.  To think this five mile stretch of trail from the Greenhorn trail-head is gulch-like would be a mistake.  The trail features a gentle slope, a creek of its namesake for the entirety, beaver ponds, tall fir trees, aspens, open space filled with native grasses, cool shade and warm sun.  I have had the fortune to walk, hike, run, bike and ride horses on this section of trail from late May through December for the majority of my adult life – for which I never tire.

Flowers underneath the canopy at 3PM.

Most, if not all of the magic in a photo is delivered via light.  Although this may be stating the obvious, it means photos like the above are best captured within an hour (or less) of sunrise or sunset.  Greenhorn presents another opportunity – light as a result of shade and angles from a narrow canyon and tall trees providing a magnificent canopy.

Shadow and Sun on Greenhorn


For those who know and love Greenhorn – the point of demarcation. You are officially near or away from trail-head.
Taken late afternoon just before sunset – June 2012.


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