**** and ** All in the Same Viewing: IronMan3

A superb script, with lead and supporting actors supplying charismatic performances and displaying exceptional on screen chemistry make IronMan3 a terrific film to watch.  However, a reliance on and habitual use of Computer Generated Images (CGI) is simply way too much and actually hurts the overall satisfaction of film in a material way.  Because the CGI is so overwhelming and overused – especially at the end, I would suspect it would make a glutton/addict of this aspect of movies ask for relief.

Robert Downey JR. as Tony Stark simply steals the show.  Downey can play all types of roles with aplomb. However, he has nailed down with ultimate precision how to present the Hyper/Brilliant/Sarcastic/Does-Not-Care, But Really-Does-Care Tony Stark Character.  Ben Kingsly’s performance as The Mandarin demonstrates, yet again, no viewer should go into a movie with a pre-conceived notion of the role he will play or how Ben will play it.  Kingsley almost steals the film – it could be argued he does.

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