Subtlety and Nuance Shine in a Fading Light: The Last Movie Star

Adam Rifkin’s The Last Movie Star is a wonderful piece of work that gains great strength and power as it progresses through its rather short run-time (94 minutes).  Ironically, The Last Movie Star is not about strength, but about dealing with fading fame, growing old, and dealing with it.  Then again, it may really be about strength as well.

Burt Reynolds (Deliverance, The Longest Yard, All Dogs Go To Heaven) is brilliant as the fading star, and Ariel Winter (Modern Family) is equally effective as the oblivious and self-absorbed young adult obligated to take care of him over the course of a weekend.

The Last Movie Star was written by Rifken specifically for Reynolds.  The storyline and methods to tell it are uncannily effective and reason alone to see the film. Reynolds is spot on being cranky, maudlin, and sincere in his reflection.  Winter is just as good at being irritating and shallow.

The supporting cast of the Last Movie Star assists as it plays the naive but sincere admirers, fans and persons related to the storyline.

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