March Sun & Flowers in Seattle

I hopped over to Seattle to see my Cousin Dave Hughbanks.  I look for any excuse to see my Hughbanks/Ouillette relatives.  Unfortunately, this was a trip to help Dave plan for [sic., his] brother Jim’s memorial.  He passed away earlier this month.  The celebration of Jim’s 81 years will be next Tuesday (April 9th, 2013) – which would have been his 82nd birthday.  Dave and I work extremely well together and on this occasion we shared the joy of remembering family members, friends of Jim and his many different phases of life.  We culled out the best 200 photo’s for a photo gallery and also put together a program for the memorial.  Nobody is better at this kind of stuff than C. David and I was happy to help.

The trip also allowed me to stay at the Hughbanks family home – my safe haven for the past 31 years – as I have written many times before. C. David has kept the home and its gardens at the ready for as long as I can remember.

I brought my camera gear, knowing the gardens and patios located on the property would be as inviting as ever.











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