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On Winter’s Doorstep?

With any thoughts of Indian Summer weather long gone and Halloween approaching – is winter far behind?

The benefit (and detraction) of living in a high desert-alpine climate is that weather change can be quick, certain and dramatic.  A bright warm fall with vibrant colors was given a cease-and-desist order by the Weather Department and replaced cold temperatures with gray overcast sky filled with extended periods of light snow.  As I felt the onset of seasonal affected disorder, the weather turned to cold temperatures with bright blue sky.

The snow in the upper elevations is probably here to stay.  The implication is that my the three hikes/runs have provided a light base of snow on the trail.  The dogs (Shae and Merry) are loving it as am I.  The Sun Valley Company has the snow making apparatus at full throttle on both Baldy and Dollar – the cold temperatures really, really help.

The first lasting snow of Fall 2012?; Sunset From Carbonate Mountain.
Jeffrey Lubeck – Cambo Wide RS, Schneider 120MM, Phase One IQ180 @F8 1/60th second ISO 35

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