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New pēpē for the Shama ʻOhana?

The White Rumped Shama Family of the WaimeBeachHouse appear to be expecting new hatchlings.

Mamma Shama

Dad Shama



The White Rumped Shama has lived on Kauai since the 1931.  They were introduced to Oahu in 1940.  The bird originates in Southeast India. They live in South America, Oahu USA and Kauai USA.

This pair have lived with us for about four years.  Their nest is likely in the Shower Tree or Frangipani Tree in our backyard.  Both trees are in full flower and where the two spend a great of time time. 

Shama Songbird

The White Rumped Shama is a songbird with a soothing call that has a terrific melody.  It sings throughout the day next to our breakfast window.  The first recordings of bird sounds was made by German Ludwig Koch on an Edison wax cylinder.  The White Rumped Shama was one of the first.

The sound is located [here].

Shower Tree Frangipani Tree (Plumeria)

The birds mate in the spring.  For more about the bird look [here].

Momma in the Front Yard

Momma bird is in the front yard in the afternoon just after the grass has been cut.  Nothing like a good meal!

Dad in the Back Yard

Dad bird is in the back yard in the late afternoon – singing away.


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