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Take Me to the River – Idaho in the Fall-time

Take me to the River and wash me in the colors of fall-time in Idaho.  From the towns of Stanley to Ketchum, the mountains and river drainages contained within can be magical. For the last two weeks of September and first two of October, I would suggest another word to explain the experience  – magnificent.

The 61 mile trip from Stanley up the Salmon River, over Galena Summit (8,701 ft.) and down the Wood River to Ketchum owns my spirit, and heart. These days, I commute the 132 mile round-trip about three times a week.  I have travelled this route for 41 years.  It is a trip of which I never tire.  Ever!

I especially look forward to the trip in the fall-time.  On the trip this past Friday, I stopped at my favorite places and captured a shot.


*** Jeff’s Thoughts and Other Worthless Trivia ***

The song and lyrics for Take Me to the River are those of Marvin Gaye.  His talent was remarkable. Only The Good Die Young – therefore I must not be very good!

The Salmon River just south of Stanley in the fall-time looks gentle, almost placid.  However, the setting a few miles north changes dramatically – especially in the late spring and early summer.  The Salmon River becomes the Temple for which river-rafters travel the world to experience.

The story of the Rough and Ready Salmon is located [here].

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  1. Nice! I’m the only thing you don’t have are red and oranges. I will say the Midwest colors are better.

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