Harsens Island on a Indian Summer Day

The St. Clair River connects Lake Huron and Lake St. Clair in the Great Lakes region in the United States.  It is a sure and powerful body of water.  Unassuming to most – It is also as critical.  The river acts as the border between Canada and United States and a connecting artery for major shipping in the United States.

I often travelled to Harsens Island and the St. Clair River as a little kid and teenager to stay at a friends summer cottage.  The experience of watching a huge lake freighter plow through the river a few hundred feet away is like few other.

On this October day, Linda and I are at the river and island once again visiting my brother Randy and his wife Stacie at their cottage.  what a treat.

A classic home in the hamlet of San Souci.
A Light House Birdhouse at Randy and Stacie’s cottage. The land of canals… Amsterdam, Venice, and Harsens Island are treasures to experience.
The St. Clair River at the mouth of Lake St. Clair. Downtown Detroit in the distance.
One of two lighthouses used to guide and protect ships and lives.
The 2nd.

During the first 51 years of the 20th Century the residents of Detroit escaped the toils of daily life with a ferry ride to Tashmoo Park on Harsens Island.  The Steamer Tashmoo provided daily round-trip service for the first 37. What a place it must have been.



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