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To The Top of Galena Peak

The route to the Summit of Galena Peak via Senate Creek.
Galena Peak from ID State Highway 75 Summit
Access route to Galena Peak via ID State Highway 75 and Ketchum, Idaho.

Galena Peak is an Icon of the Wood River Valley. It is the big peak right of center when looking down the Wood River Valley drainage from Galena Summit. Galena Peak is located in the Hemingway Boulder National Wilderness about 18 miles north of Ketchum Idaho. At 11,153 feet in elevation, Galena Peak is a challenging prize for serious hikers and back-country skiers. There are 12 peaks in the Boulders whose summit is above 11,000 feet and 16 others above 10,000. The route to the summit from Senate Creek covers 3,527 vertical feet of gain in 2+ miles. While not technical at any point, the ascent is demanding in nature. The lower third of the ascent is the steepest – with many sections greater than 40 degrees in angle. As a point of reference, only the very top of Canyon Run is as steep on Bald Mountain.

Sporting a big smile is MESH Art LLC. Founder and Co-owner Kyle Robert Lubeck.
Idaho State Highway 75 snakes its way to the top with the Sawtooth Valley in the background.
The Tree-line. To the left in the background – Saviers Peak (10,441 ft.) Highest of the Smoky Mountain Range. To the Right in the background – Decker Peak (10,704) 3rd Highest in the Sawtooth Range.
Paintbrush in its prime
Smooth’n Violet
Bursting in Yellowish Gold
Looking north from the summit of Galena Peak. In the distance in the back-to-back string Castle Peak (11,815 ft.) the highest peak in the White Cloud Mountain Range, David O’ Lee Peak (11,342 ft.) the 3rd highest and Calkins Peak (11,487 ft.) the 2nd highest.

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