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The Range of the Experience

Today the temperature reached a high of 90.9 degrees fahrenheit at our cabin in Stanley, Idaho.  That is fairly warm.  The temperature when Linda, I, and the Border Collies left the cabin for our 6 mile hike at 7AM was 35.1 degrees fahrenheit.  Today was a Double-Dandy.  My buddy Doug Proctor met me upon on our return and he and I repeated the trip.  When Doug and I returned the temperature was 87 degrees.

However lets be clear, the 55 degree change in temperature from low-to-high on this day is pretty common in Stanley, Idaho.  Given that it is mostly sunny and low in humidity in this region, I love the change.  So the good news is that if any of us fall over dead on these hikes – we will not be perspiring.

For 2020 the lowest recorded temperature at the cabin has been -27 degrees, with the highest being +93 degrees.  The difference of 120 degrees is common in any year.  The lowest recorded I have experienced at the cabin is -31 degrees and highest 97 degrees.

However, it is the 2nd of August and one respite is viewing the wildflowers.  Not only do I get to experience the wildflowers on these hikes – I get to experience them in my yard throughout the year.

So, the wildflowers on this post are situated less than two feet from from the cabin deck on August 2nd, 2020.

The Western Columbine Shines – © Jeffrey H. Lubeck – MESH Art – all rights reserved.
The Western Columbine Shines – © Jeffrey H. Lubeck – MESH Art – all rights reserved.

9 Replies to “The Range of the Experience

    1. Thanks Stormi,

      any time I can get the thumbs up from the winner of The World Photographer of the year – I must be doing something right!

    1. I would agree… But the Idaho Wildflower database – which is extensive – shows nothing like it.

      1. Oh my…

        My friends Becca Pierce and Lynn Paupore say it is DIANTHUS ARMERIA (aka Deptford Pink).

        I have looked it up and they appear to be correct.

  1. Thanks Art.

    It is nice to know you and Cindy has stood right next to these flowers during the eclipse a few years back.

  2. I saw those when I came over to water the flowers on your deck ! We didn’t have these in our yard this year, and I didn’t recall seeing them in your yard last year. But there they were, those tiny beautiful little pink flowers! Luck ducks!

    1. These wonderful little guys have been cropping up in august in the yard since we bought the cabin. So pretty and now I know their name!

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