RIP Wilford Brimley

Richard Farnsworth (left) and Wilford Brimley in The Natural (1984).

Wilford Brimley (WB) was, or so I am told  – the same guy in real life as he was on set or in film as the character he played. Brimley 85 years-young died Saturday.

WB’s obituary is [here].

Brimley was as good as it gets when it comes to acting.  WB would tell you his success as an actor had nothing to do with his acting ability “cause I can’t act.”

Because I was not a viewer of the T.V. series The Waltons – I had never seen Brimley act prior to the film The China Syndrome. Brimley was superb and effectively stole the ending scene in a film laced with Academy Award Winners.

However, WB caught me by storm in his role as Wells the Acting Attorney General in Absence of Malice.  Again, in a scene with multiple Academy Award Winners, WB commands attention like no other.

Then came The Natural and WB’s role as Pop Fisher… I need say no more.

Rest in Peace Wilford Brimley.

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