Aretha See You on the Other Side

The Queen has passed on to the other side, and I hope that I have honor and pleasure to hear her perform in that venue sometime long into the future. Like my hometown of Detroit,  Aretha Franklin was a flawed soul that provided more to America than it could ever give back.  Aretha appeared to me as some who was big hearted, big bodied, naturally sexy, and completely confident.

Franklin, rightfully named the Queen of Soul passed away today.  She gave America music it would embrace without prejudice or condition.  Detroit, like Franklin, had problems and estrangement – but music has never been one of them.

While Franklin’s 1967 rendition of Otis Redding’s Respect is considered her signature song, I think Franklin’s version of Until You Come Back to Me [That is what I am Going To Do] is easily my favorite.  It was written for her by Stevie Wonder.  Franklin and Wonder were Detroit transplants (from Memphis and Saginaw).

Do you think Franklin’s voice and choices of music can be pigeon-holed or tied to a narrow genre?  Listen to her on Love is the Only Thing, Today I Sing The Blues, Think, and Freeway of Love.  What say you?

Jeff’s Worthless Trivia (and it is a Small World).

Aretha recorded A House is not A Home as a tribute to Luther Vandross at the Grammy Award winning Harmonie Park Studios in Detroit.  So why is the world small? Childhood buddies Brian and Mark Pastoria owned Harmonie Park Studios.  Brian founded the band Adrenlin – inducted into the Michigan Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2015.  Adrenilin’s first performance?  Valentine’s Day 1975 in the basement of Jeff Lubeck’s home (aka Hilton-Londes Arena) First song? I’ve Got A Line on You Babe.  Lead Singer?  Ray Spitzley.

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