All Trips Are Worth It!

By rule the Trip films starring Steve Coogan (Night At The Museum, Ruby Sparks, Philomena) and Rob Brydon (The Huntsmen, Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels,) should be losing their luster and steam – from an enjoyability perspective.  Not a chance.  The Trip to Spain is arguably the best of the three.

As Producer, Director, and Writer of all the Trips Michael Winterbottom hits his stride with A Trip To Spain.

Similar to the other films A Trip to Spain navigates magically through the real Googan and Brydon playing themselves and their movie script alter egos in a six part road trip that is supposedly occurring to facilitate a food and travel piece underwritten by the New York Times and London Observer.

The real Coogan and Brydon are the best of the best Observational Stand-Up Comic’s and Impersonators in the industry. Their bits in this film are music to the ears and a feast to the mind. As for their movie script alter ego’s, Coogan is the insincere, selfish, ultra defensive entertainer when women or business are involved.  Brydon is the enjoying life to its fullest, family man and deferential second-banana.  The Trip to Spain while wonderfully topical and informational it also provides a dose of highly believable melancholy.

Favorite Scene: A quality background history lesson about the implication of the Moor’s on Spain as told by Coogan to some table-mates while sitting at a magnificent sea-side restaurant with full running commentary by Brydon’s version of Roger Moore on the side.

The scenery, send ups and food are fantastic in The Trip to Spain.

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