Whiplash – A Fight Like Few Others


Have you ever fought for something, really fought for something?  Let’s suppose for the moment, you answered – yes. If Whiplash the film could ask the question and speak to you, my guess is the response would be as follows; I doubt it.  I doubt you have anywhere near the strength let alone the understanding of what it really means to fight for and earn something.  Get out of my sight now!

Whiplash provides an emotional ride like few others. Whiplash is an astonishing war movie without the military conflict or government espionage. Instead, Whiplash is about the war of wits and fighting to get what you desire – no matter the consequences.  Whiplash is about fighting for the prize – even if your own blood is spilled and others emotions become collateral damage.

Writer and Director Damien Chazelle could easily have settled for creating standard Hollywood fare (i.e., Teacher vs. Pupil, predictable ending). Instead, Chazelle has created an electric and memorable film from which you cannot walk away.

Whiplash has two principle combatants Miles Teller (Rabbit Hole, Spectacular Now) as Andrew and J.K. Simmons (Juno, Spider-Man 1,2 and 3, Up In The Air) as Fletcher. Simmons is the instructor and Teller is the pupil.  Each has a vision and passion for what they desire and no one is going to get in the the way – let alone each other.  Each will appear to be human and in-human throughout, so as to keep you from getting to comfy or the opposite – giving up on them.

Using a remarkable script, superior editing, fantastic music and the performances of Teller and Simmons, Whiplash reveals in stark terms the beauty and ugliness of a human’s desire to succeed right up to (and possibly through) the screen’s jolt to black.

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