The Theory of Everything – Well Almost


Biopic films are a tricky lot.  The Theory of Everything – the film about the relationship between Steven and Jane Hawking succeeds because the leads feel to be real-life versions of the principle characters.  Directed by James Marsh (AA Man on a Wire, Shadow Dancer) The Theory of Everything is based on the book written by Jane Hawking. The Theory of Everything is not a sappy feel-good film and it does address some of the tougher issues this couple encounters with depth.  However, there are aspects of their life that are addressed more in Check Mark form than in one of full-disclosure.

Eddie Redmayne (My Week with Marilyn, Les Miserables) is engaging and effective as Steven Hawking all the way from able bodied college sophomore to crippled scientist-celebrity.  Felicity Jones (The Amazing Spider-man 2) is winning as Jane Hawking in the same dimension – all the way from demure timid co-ed to supportive struggling spouse who could easily have a professional career of substance of her own.  However, this is England, Cambridge England, Brit’s of the 1960’s.

The journey of this couple (scientific theory, children, physical disintegration, emotional emptiness) is an interesting one that is well told.

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