Boulder Peak Climb

Boulder Peak in the Boulder Range of the Sawtooth Mountains is a big bold and impressive mass of rock lifting almost 5,000 feet above the floor of the Wood River Valley.  To scale it, I took the Class III – IV route along the south ridge.  The ascent is straight-forward with some enjoyable route-finding.  One exception was I found a route what was effectively a narrow ledge for about a 1/4 mile that allowed me to avoid a 75-200 foot vertical descent and re-climb after working around the first major tower.  The views during the hike/clim and at the top are awesome.  You can see all of the Mountain Ranges of the Region – Lost River, Pioneer, Smoky, Boulder, Sawtooth and White Cloud.  You can also take in the Boulder City Basin, once the highest year-round occupied town in Idaho.

Boulder Peak
The Route.


At the Top – a selfie.
Boulder City from Boulder Peak.


The Woor River Valley from Tower 2.


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