Z as in Zesty – World War Z *** 1/2

Many will attend World War Z on the basis that it stars Brad Pitt.  While that may be reason enough, viewers will probably stay and ultimate like the film because of the acumen of Director Marc Forster (Monster’s Ball, Stranger Than Fiction, Kite Runner).

I am not particularly a fan of Zombie themed stories.  My boredom with movies on overdose of Computer Generated Images (CGI) is well documented. And anyone have a guess as to how many times Hollywood with provide us with a end of the world storyline in 2013?  To a degree, World War Z is all of these things at the start, but these aspects are merely a ruse or if you will – a hook. Once World War Z gets those things out of the way, the film becomes a thrilling and taught enterprise that keeps you engaged to the very end.  Well almost the end.

Pitt and the role of Gerry Lane is a good fit.  However, World War Z is Fosters show.  Forster knows how to get you to care and feel intimate with the characters and become engrossed in the storyline.

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