Taking the Time to Pull Over and Enjoy

Have you ever noticed something interesting while driving on a regular route, told yourself you will take the time to stop and look next time by and not followed through – only to lose out and miss something that was of interest? My list of those situations is long.

Poppies are starting to come out in the valley.  There is a grouping of red ones along the side of the road on Highway 75 half way between Hailey and the house.  Yesterday after a hike with the girls (Shae and Merry Dog) I headed to Hailey and shop for ingredients for a Salad entree to make for dinner with Linda.  As I passed by the Poppies surrounded by bursts of violet, white and golden yellow I made a promise to myself that on the return trip home I would take in these beautiful flowers.  I kept my promise and At 7PM the late afternoon sunlight enhanced and already marvelous scene.  I felt fortunate. Upon arriving home, I come to find that Linda had the same idea, on the salad entree not the flowers.  We mixed and matched ate dinner together and watched the Tigers beat the Twins.  I felt fortunate.

I had some camera gear with me and snapped some shots, but the location of the sun did not lend well to shots of my liking.  It was my guess that the morning sun coming over the mountains would create a better shooting solution.  So, today I got up before sunrise and waited until the sun reared itself over the ridge-lines.

I brought two completely different sets of gear for the shoot; a large [4×5]  and 35MM format. A shot from each setup is below:

Phase One IQ 180 [4×5] Digital Back, Phase One 645DF Camera and Schneider 120MM Macro Focal Shutter Lens shot at ISO:35, F8, 1/250 second, 16Bit Color and 80 MegaPixels.
Nikon D3x [35MM] camera and Nikkor 14-24 Wide Angle Zoom lens shot at ISO:75, 18MM, F8, 1/320 second, 14Bit Color and 24 MegaPixels.

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