Color’s Hitting Their Prime

Are the fall colors in your area starting to reach their peak? Yeah I know… you really have not had a chance to get outside and enjoy because you are buried at work (or some other similar reason).  Well, the colors are about to go away soon and all you are going to have to show for it are the physical signs from a little more stress and a few extra pounds.

So do me and yourself a favor; put the budget numbers down, or the contract negotiations aside, or let the family fend for itself, or miss one episode of XYZ show, and take a few minutes or an hour or better yet a couple of hours and soak in the fall-time.  I feel safe in saying that you will actually perform better at the task(s) you think are keeping you from taking a brake in the first place.

And I am not speaking to everyone else on this mailing list – I am talkin to you!

The view of the Boulder Mountains (Silver Peak 11,112 feet) right after work.


Looking back into the Wood River Valley (and the spot from which the photo displayed above was taken) at the top of the ridge-line just below Silver Peak
Larry Lloyd at 9,648 feet elevation just below the ridge line of Silver Peak. Larry wants everyone to know the actual trail is just 48 inches below.
And then there is the ole’ picture off the car window


The views on the drive home are pretty nice too.



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  1. That view of Boulder Mt. is gorgeous! Thanks for taking us on your jaunts. I’ll take note of the directive to enjoy fall colors.

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