May Flowers bring Snow Showers?

The weather this Spring in the Wood River Valley has been delightful, and in some respects outstanding.  The snow went early, but there enough showers to keep water levels close to the norm.  This was the case until last week.

Cold weather set in last week, bringing snow with it – even at the house.  It has been about 25 years since I experienced something similar.

So how has Spring weather treated you?  Are you ready for Summer?

Spring Sunset on Clubview Drive


Moonrise and Sunset on The Valley Club. Copyright Jeffrey Lubeck. All Rights Reserved.
Clubview Drive In Bloom. Copyright Jeffrey Lubeck – All Rights Reserved
Snow in Sun Valley in June 2012

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  1. Lovedthe pictures (until the last one—-would like not to see snow or snow pictures until Christmas!) Really an interesting combination of weather swings in Mich, too, but not as obvious as yours. Am a spring/summer person (except for football & basketball). Wasfortunate to spend long weekends since early May on the lake where I grew up—–sad, sad day Sat when I check out! Thanks for all the varied posts you’ve made today— nicely broadens one’s perspectives!

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