FAST X: Everything, Nothing, Out the Window All At Once

Fast X, the 10th edition of the Fast Series is true to its foundational premise.  If you like the premise and know the series, you will like the film.

Fast X is as escapist and enjoyable as all its predecessors.

Fast X offers little, if anything, that can be supported by logic, reason, or physics. Fast X is a live action comic book.  If you see this work of art expecting otherwise… choose something else to fill your time.

Fast X has its beloved cast members (a.k.a, Family) appear at the right time and on their mark.

Fast X has multiple cameo appearances performed by “A” List Actors.  None of these performances are part of roles that are meaty.  However, each feels fun and intriguing.

Fast X has a villain, performed by an actor who is a current day fan favorite.  This Actor arguably steals the show with their performance.  This kind result does not occur as often in film as fans would like. In this case, the villain’s performance might be the best aspect of Fast X.

Almost all of the previous Fast films are included or referenced in Fast X. While the delivery mechanism for them is as preposterous (and fun) as it gets, they do help with the flow of the film.

Fast X has a run-time of 1:44 minutes.  While the film length is long by today’s standard, Fast X has terrific pacing and timing.

Fast X is supposedly part of a two-part or three-part farewell offering. We all know what that means… prequal’s and reboots in the years and decades to come.

*** Jeff’s Thoughts and Other Worthless Trivia ***

The word family is said 56 times in this film.

Fast X, presents itself as a travelogue film.  However, the majority of the exterior filming was performed in Portugal.  Visually, this is not a bad thing, just a thing. It is from a visual perspective wonderful.

Fast X could easily be considered a Gravy-Train payout to those involved in the film. As it is the 10th film in the series… go ahead and cash the check.  You earned it!

The Fast films will never be perfect for me. It is for one simple reason. While the Fast series has exceedingly good popular music, its film scores are weak. Really weak!  The James Bond series where popular music and scores are driven by John Barry is the best of all-time.  Goldfinger and You Only Live Twice set the standard for me.

As with virtually all of the films presented for theatrical release, Fast X should be seen on the big screen.  I viewed Fast X at my favorite home-town theater:  The Magic Lantern.

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