The Menu – Ultimately Not on Mine

The premise the of film The Menu is clever and winning on a variety of fronts. Add a bevy of top notch Actors to the production and The Menu should prove to be a film that is both box office hit and critically acclaimed. While not a failure, The Menu has proven to be neither. At least to-date.

As a finished product, The Menu is at best an intriguing Short or a skit on an episode of some T.V. variety show.  As a full-length feature film – it is ultimately taken down by a series of slightly to materially off-the-mark dead spots.

From one perspective The Menu is a satire, parody and or Black Comedy about food selection, preparation and delivery on shows geared towards the Elite and Elite Wannabe’s.  From another perspective The Menu is satire, parody and or Black Comedy about the relentless desire for notoriety and financial gain.

The Menu does deliver Inside Jokes that address the aspects mentioned above – but not often enough for my taste.

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