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Capturing Kauai – Winter Begins

With Winter Solstice past us Kauai enters its rainy season.  For those in Waimea, it means slightly cooler and slightly more rain.

The sun rises on the beach during the early AM walk near the house on December 22nd 2021. If you look close a kayaker is working in the water.
The view looking up the Kaluakoi Valley on the way home from a trip to Kolao and Poipu.
The view near the start of a run from the house to the boat harbor and back.
Linda and I have placed a log on the beach. We use it as our point of demarcation for entering or leaving the water.

Standing at the Lubeck log and looking back to the house.
A surfer at Poo Point December 23rd 2021 in the AM.
Poo Point is about a mile southeast of the house.

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