Bigger Than Life Told in the First Person (and as if Performed in the Living Flesh) – Me by Elton John

Me by Elton John is uncanny in its nature.  The Auto-biography possess’ a first person narrative that feels as if John himself is talking with you directly, in person in the chair next to you.  John seems to be sharing all without inhibition or malice. I know of few, if any, auto-biographies that can claim this distinction.

While the highly enjoyable movie about John released earlier this year was appropriately titled “Rocketman,” I would best describe this book: 50 Years as Roller-Coaster Man.

By any measure Elton Hercules John (as legally named) is iconic, a great musical mind, and as good an entertainer as this world can produce. By all measures Elton Hercules John (as legally named) should have succumbed to his human frailty’s long ago – on an any number of occasions.  Luckily for him, his family, children, friends, and us – he did not.

The text of the Me feels honest, thankful, and where deserved – biting.  There is no need to call out John for all his weaknesses and contradictions. In Me, Elton does it himself.  Actually, John is exceptionally hard on himself with unending self deprecating humor. With multiple decades of time memory can introduce revision in the story-telling. While that rule of thumb applies to everyone, John provides a narrative with great detail, consistency, and continuity.  It would be nice if all books and movies were as tight on this front as ME.


Jeff’s Worthless Trivia and Other Thoughts

The lyrics of Bernie Taupin, and music of Elton John is enjoyed by a variety of ages and musical tastes.  For example, the four Lubeck brothers separated by 17 years of age all like the music generated by this duo – especially those assisted by the core members of the Elton John Band.


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