Expert Power Overcoming Position Power but at Great Expense: Trumbo


Many times people and organizations penalize others to the point of breaking (or even worse) solely because they have position power and want to use it (e.g., do so because I say so, and I am the boss of you). Often it is utilized regardless of whether they have (or do not have) expert power (e.g., do so because it will be appreciated by our customers and only requires a little extra effort by all of us including you and me).

The film Trumbo and its storyline could be described as one about the about the application of expert power taken by one party ultimately overcoming the position power used by another – displaying many of the positive and negatives consequences for all parties involved during the telling.

If hard and fast, black and white positions on politics and history, and their implications are put to the side for about two hours – Trumbo proves to be an exceptionally entertaining movie that also provides a masterful performance by its lead – Bryan Cranston as Dalton Trumbo. While outwitting his adversary’s (and even himself) Trumbo the man uncovers there is black, white and all kinds of shades of gray to life.

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