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Sunrise in the Mist – Summer on Iron Creek

The Iron, Goat, and Meadow Creek drainages are spectacular natural features that begin to converge near our cabin.  Our place is situated on Goat Creek.  Iron Creek (to the west) and Meadow Creek (to the east) are less than one mile’s distance from our property.

We enter our property via an easement off of Iron Creek (Forest Service 619 and Forest Service 70692). We (a small group of land owners) have a permit with the United States Forest Service that allows us to maintain both roads year-round.

We use Stanley Construction and their huge snow-blower to keep the USFS roads and our privates roads open year-round.  It is 2 miles from State Highway 21 to my driveway.  The roads are in better condition and easier to drive upon in the winter than at any other time of the year.

Linda, The Border Collies, and I walk to Highway 21 and back when it is not tourist season or when the USFS roads are closed to the public (November 1 – May 1st).  My neighbor and friend (Doug Proctor) and I walked to Highway 21 and back almost everyday when we were effectively sequestered during the height of Covid (March 8th – May 24th 2020).

Sunrise in the Mist – Summer on Iron Creek – Copyright © Jeffrey H. Lubeck – MESH Art LLC – all rights reserved.

The mist and fog on Valley Creek, the three mentioned creeks, and the Salmon River has been heavy the last number of mornings.  The sun in late July and early August rises directly upon the three creeks as they begin to drain into Valley Creek. It is a magnificent site to see when the mist and the early vestiges of sun come into play.

The presence of Moose, Elk, Bear, Antelope, Deer, Fox, and Badger add to the enjoyment.

On this summer morning almost everything comes into play.

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