Late Fall in the Garden District

By Wood River Valley standards it is late fall. Sun Valley is making snow on Baldy and Dollar Mountain. Because it has been cold and clear – there is a great deal of snow on the ski mountains. There has not been much precipitation otherwise. So I decided to head up high into the Hemingway-Boulder […]

A Fall Stroll on Goat Creek

Goat Falls in the Sawtooth Wilderness Area of Idaho. © Jeffrey H. Lübeck MESH Art LLC – all rights reserved. Click on the image to enlarge.

After a late afternoon and early evening shoot on Friday on the upper-end of the Wood River drainage and the headwaters of the Salmon River – just below […]

Color on High

Boulders Laced in Gold © Jeffrey H. Lübeck MESH Art LLC – all rights reserved.

Fall colors on the north end of the Wood River Valley of Idaho traditionally hit their peak during the last days of September. On occasion the first week of October offers a last bright burst of gold and deep […]

An Encounter With The Finger of Fate

Sunrise on the Finger of Fate © Jeffrey H. Lubeck – Courtesy MESH Gallery – all rights reserved.

A picture is worth a thousand words, so the saying goes. A picture can also change carefully established plans. I am a living example.

The plan was a 2nd photo-shoot of the Warbonnet Peak and Monte […]

The Life of the Workers at a Horse Ranch

Sunset Serenade in the Sawtooths by Jeffrey H. Lubeck © MESH Art LLC and Claire Porter Photography – courtesy MESH Gallery – all rights reserved.

The 2nd phase of equine photography for MESH Art in 2018 involved photographing horses before and after their workday at the Idaho Rocky Mountain Ranch (IRMR) in Stanley, Idaho. […]

Mothers and Their Babies

Tell me a Bedtime Story © Jeffrey H. Lubeck – Courtesy of MESH Galley – all rights reserved.

Baby Mountain Goats begin to travel with their Mother and siblings just a few days after birth. They are desiring of breast milk while the family members seek food and shelter in remote areas all the […]

Searching for Mountain Goats in the Rocky Outpost of the Idaho Wilderness

Sitting on the Ledge as the Sun Goes Down. © Jeffrey H. Lubeck Courtesy MESH Art LLC – all right reserved.

It’s my perch and I’ll sit if I want to. © Jeffrey H. Lubeck Courtesy MESH Art LLC – all right reserved.


Friend and fellow adventurer Nappy Neaman and I have […]

The Wild Horses of Idaho – Mustangs of the East Fork and Challis Basin

Broadview by Jeffrey H. Lubeck of Porter Lubeck © Copyright Claire Porter Photography and MESH Art LLC. – all rights reserved.

Scout Team by Claire Porter of Porter Lubeck © Copyright Claire Porter Photography and MESH Art LLC – all rights reserved.

A combination of planning, collaboration, hard work, and luck produced a […]

Covering the Great Basin to Meet Some New Family Members

There are new members in the Lubeck family. Sage and Willow have endeavored to join up with Shae dog, Merry [Christmas] dog, Valentine dog, Kyle, Linda, and yours truly.

I decided pick up our Border Collie girls by traveling the Great Basin to the Los Angeles area (Chino) and back. It took me 52+ hours […]

I Wish For Year in Provence or At Least Another Two Weeks

I cannot believe I am about to say this on record… I am desiring of a return trip France. To be specific, I want to return to La Mandarine in the village of Bonnieux located in the Luberon district of the Provence region of France. More later on why I am surprised about by being […]