A Film With Which to Laugh, Call Foul, and Most Likely Both at the Same Time: Vice

The Biography, Comedy, Drama, and Satire (BCDS) known as Vice is a really, really good film. In order to be a great film Vice Writer\Director Adam McKay (AA The Big Short, Anchorman) would have had to remove one or two of the aforementioned aspects or spent more time crafting Vice before its release. I […]

Straddling The Line with Great Effect Again: BlacKkKlansman

With respect to general audiences, Spike Lee (Do the Right Thing, Clockers, Inside Man) has made a career being provocative, not crossing over the line, and not selling out. Lee is a vocal and animated teller of american stories about people usually mired in the system (e.g., race, gender, education, occupation, location) who are […]

A Heist From a Different Mold: Widows

I like Heist movies – a lot. I like the big noisy kind such as The Town, the predictable, such as the Italian Job (both versions) and sometimes the star vehicles such as Ocean’s [enter number in the series here].

My favorite Heist type films are the ones with less a violence and more […]

A Brilliant Exposition of American Life: The Rider


The Rider by Chloe Zhao tells the story of the hard-scrabble life of rodeo riders on a South Dakota reservation. The Rider is honest feeling to its core, and is presented in a simple yet elegant fashion.

The main character of The Rider is a recently injured rodeo rider named Brady Jandreau (played […]

Beating The Odds: The Greatest Showman

Since its heyday in 1940’s through early 1960’s the movie musical has fought an upstream and mostly losing battle to possess relevance with the viewing public. The Greatest Showman bucks the odds in the box-office but not with the majority of film critics. If I am forced to choose? While no Singing in the […]

Subtlety and Nuance Shine in a Fading Light: The Last Movie Star

Adam Rifkin’s The Last Movie Star is a wonderful piece of work that gains great strength and power as it progresses through its rather short run-time (94 minutes). Ironically, The Last Movie Star is not about strength, but about dealing with fading fame, growing old, and dealing with it. Then again, it may really […]

15:17 To Paris: Be Gentle and The Amateurs Actually Help

15:17 To Paris the film by Clint Eastwood will likely not win any awards. 15:17 To Paris will not likely score high on critic or user reviews.

Ironically the reason the film is not a total throwaway is that 15:17 To Paris is based on actual events, stars the actual heroes, and the storyline […]

Repeat or Rhyme Of Itself? A Look Into History: Mark Felt

Mark Felt – The Man Who Brought The White House Down is an intriguing film that looks into a big piece of U.S. history from the vantage point of Mark Felt. And why is the name Mark Felt important? Mark Felt was the Assistant Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (F.B.I.) who 30 […]

The Post: Highly Watchable Today and In The Future

Steven Spielberg’s The Post is a highly watchable film. It is an efficient Political Thriller with a superb script, cast, staging, and direction. My guess is that like most of the recent Spielberg films, The Post will not win the Academy Award for Best Picture, but over time I will watch it the most […]

The Shape of Water – Everything and Nothing All At Once

As The Shape of Water begins its 2 hour and three minute journey into your brain, I suggest you draw no conclusions about what is being presented until you have had some time to think about what you have just seen.

So while in the theater – go with the movie. In the end […]