Expert Power Overcoming Position Power but at Great Expense: Trumbo

Many times people and organizations penalize others to the point of breaking (or even worse) solely because they have position power and want to use it (e.g., do so because I say so, and I am the boss of you). Often it is utilized regardless of whether they have (or do not have) expert […]

Better Late Then Never – Spotlight

In the business world, people often think the problem they are solving ends up merely being a symptom of a bigger one. In news reporting, what many believe is the story ends up being part of a much bigger topic. In both cases, the participants often challenge, deny, undermine, and even attempt to block […]

Home is in the Heart: Brooklyn

Brooklyn is a subtle and nuanced film that successfully reveals its story and characters with a simplicity and elegance that is a rarity in 21st century film. There are three stars in Brooklyn – Saoirse Ronan; its lead actor, the screen-play by Nick Horby, and the costumes by Odlie Dicks-Mireaux’s.

Ronan, the chameleon of […]

The Revenant: The Journey Is Always More Rewarding Than The Prize

Equally engrossing as exhausting, and beautiful as grotesque, The Revenant – the latest film by Alejandro G. Iñárritu and Emanuel Lubezki is all about the journey. The ultimate end-game is established after a cinema-graphically remarkable set-up. The end-game so-to-speak is known by the viewer and the lead characters for a good 100 of the […]

Concussion: Measured Approach Proves to be More Impactful

More often than not it takes an outsider to identify what is actually occurring – often against what anyone wants to acknowledge. Concussion the film starring Will Smith (Six Degrees of Separation, Ali, Focus) appears to speak the truth in measured and elegant tones. The truth that is the story line of Concussion is […]

A Beautifully Crafted Homage to Rocky: Creed

Ryan Coogler’s highly enjoyable Creed touches viewers in all the right spots at all the right times. Coogler (Fruitvale Station) accomplishes something else with Creed – pays respect to the original in ways few films – that attempt similarly – accomplish. Forty years-ago the film Rocky caught The United States of America by storm. […]

Polished Not Stirred

To suggest Spectre, the latest installment in the world of James Bond, offers nothing new would be to miss the point by a margin similar to the gun shots taken at Bond by the bad guys. Spectre is a highly polished and mostly effective escape that will keep its viewers away from the dreary […]

Susan Cooper is her name

Without missing stride Melissa McCarthy (Bridesmaids, Identity Thief, The Heat) has stepped into playing The Lead in a Hollywood action comedy. Paul Feig (Bridesmaids, The Heat) built Spy and the persona that is Susan Cooper specifically for McCarthy. My guess is that the he will be rewarded handsomely. Although not possessing the physical attributes […]

Mad As Ever – Mad Max Fury Road

For those seeking any semblance of stability and honor of traditional core values in today’s world; look no further – Mad Max has returned, The Post-Apocalypse is in full bloom; filled with the crazies, stark landscape, magnificent vehicles and a villain with a warped singular focus on the hoarding of a natural resource.

Producer, […]

Mixed Feelings For A Film About A Remarkable Story

The film Woman in Gold presents a remarkable story. When the elements of human spirit are the focus – the script, cinematography and acting by the principles produce a noteworthy and highly enjoyable film. When the plot lines of procedural drama or the ‘Bad Guys’ are the focus; Woman in Gold is a bit […]