Adding Up on Almost Every Count: The Accountant

Similar to General Accounting Principles (GAP), if filmmakers follow General Filmmaking Principles (GFP) a movie can operate by the books and in most cases be successful both financially and as entertainment for its audience.

The Accountant is an exciting genre film that while not overtly appearing to do so – follows virtually all of […]

A Thriller which Just Happens to be About a Disaster Film

The film Deepwater Horizon is best categorized as a Thriller that coincidentally is about a disaster – not a Disaster Film.

The Towering Inferno, The Poseidon Adventure, Airport – these films are the standard bearers of Hollywood Disaster Films. Thank goodness Deepwater Horizon is not a Disaster Film or we would be forced to […]

Father Knows Best

The film Blood Father is an interesting take on a dad protecting his daughter in her time of need. Blood Father is a taught, well acted, funny, ironic, somewhat bloody, and nicely paced thriller that takes 88 minutes start to finish.

Blood Father does not feel particularly original, but it also does not feel […]

Steady at the Helm – Sully and the Number 35

As a film Director Clint Eastwood chooses to be steady and follow conventional paths. This approach has served him (as a Director) and us (as viewers) well. As an Actor Tom Hanks knows how to play the common-man under duress who ultimately possesses uncommon stamina, staying power and heroic traits. Combine these two with […]

A Story Rich in Irony about Lean Men in Lean Times: Hell or High Water

The setting, characters and storyline for Hell or High Water directed by David MacKenzie (Starred Up) and written by Taylor Sheridan (Sicario) make for a otherwise superb film. It is a film where the viewer can easily become attached to good guys and bad guys. Who is ultimately to be viewed as the good […]

All The Way – Or Very Close To It

All the Way – Home Box Office’s version of the Tony Award winning stage play – is a rewarding watch.

Starring Bryan Cranston (AAN Trumbo, Argo) Written by Robert Schenkkan (from his play) and Directed by Jay Roach (Trumbo, Meet The Parents, Austin Powers) All The Way tells the story of the 36th President […]

Money Monster – Not Quite Either

A movie with George Clooney and Julia Roberts as the principle actors is certain to please on some basic front. Clooney and Roberts star in Money Monster and they deliver with a natural chemistry that would be expected given they have been friends outside of work for 15 years, and have worked together successfully […]

Criminal Is Almost A Perfect Title

Surely, a film with the poorest of screenplays and direction can be overcome and saved by a male cast of Tommy Lee Jones, Kevin Kostner, Gary Oldmann, and Ryan Reynolds and bookend by Gal Godot and Antje Traue as the female leads. Surely!

Well… no they cannot and don’t call me Shirley.

Criminal is […]

Expert Power Overcoming Position Power but at Great Expense: Trumbo

Many times people and organizations penalize others to the point of breaking (or even worse) solely because they have position power and want to use it (e.g., do so because I say so, and I am the boss of you). Often it is utilized regardless of whether they have (or do not have) expert […]

Better Late Then Never – Spotlight

In the business world, people often think the problem they are solving ends up merely being a symptom of a bigger one. In news reporting, what many believe is the story ends up being part of a much bigger topic. In both cases, the participants often challenge, deny, undermine, and even attempt to block […]