No Ride is Too Long if it Involves Jackson Browne

Jackson Browne and Greg Leisz (right) at the Morrison Center in Boise.

Linda and I took in the Jackson Browne Acoustic Solo Performance in Boise on Thursday night October 13, 2016 at the Morrison Center in Boise, Idaho. Both of us love his music and the acoustic format enhances the listening experience (at least […]

So Close Yet So Far: 20 Feet From Stardom

If you love music, particularly almost any type of popular music from the late 1950’s to the mid 1980’s, then put everything down and everything aside on your busy calendar and go see this documentary. Go if only for the reason you want to listen to some great music and get some additional context.


Sunken Condos – Using A Style Still True to the Ear *** 1/2

The sound and music created by Donald Fagen, when at his best, is noteworthy and distinctive. With Sunken Condos, Fagen breaks no new ground, but to suggest it is not worthy of an outright purchase and repeated plays would be a mistake material in nature.

With songs such as Miss Marlene, Good Stuff and […]

On Your Own – Sincere and Workmanlike ***

Ronnie Dunn could have taken it easy and rested on his laurels – it is our fortune he chose otherwise. Part of the of the country music team (Brooks and Dunn) that produced 21 #1 songs Ronnie Dunn could have chosen to step away from music when the duo broke up in 2009.

With […]

Jill Barber – Mischievous Moon ***

Jill Barber

A complete throwback to American Standards with a fresh voice, words and sound engineering. That is how I would characterize this work from Canada’s Sweetheart.

Took Me By Surprise feels new, inspired and yet would make veterans of the Brill Building smile knowingly.

Tell Me, is edgy and haunting. I feel as […]