The Forger’s Spell; A Dutchman’s Brilliance at Lying Instead of Flying

Eighty years ago, the most famous work attributed to 17th Century Dutch Golden-Age Master Johannes Vermeer was “Christ at Emmaus.” A consensus of art critics and art historians hailed it as Vermeer’s finest work. The painting (with other masterpieces) were sold to Nazi Reichsmarschall Hermann Göring (Hitler’s #2) for approximately $35 Million in today’s […]

Bloodlands: Between a Rock & A Hard Place Would Be Considered A Luxury

What if you lived between two neighbors that hated each other to the greatest degree possible? And the only thing they hated more than each other was – you, your family members, friends, and relatives.

The Bloodlands by Timothy Snyder covers the topic (in excruciating and exacting detail) by discussing the Borderlands (otherwise known […]

Underground Railroad: Novel, Fantasy, Historical Fiction – A Read on Subjects of Continuing Relevance

The publishing of the novel Underground Railroad (2016) comes at an interesting time in America. Although a novel, author Colson Whitehead’s fiction touches on our history as a country and society – forcing the reader to confront foundational aspects that are highly admirable and utterly disturbing.

Could so many Americans be that magnanimous while […]

A Boost from Government or Other Institutions? I don’t need no stinking government or other institutions, I need dignity and freedom to create Betterment!!!

So you think jobs creation by government, closely held capital available for investment, the grace of benevolent institutions or a single person who states they will serve you well is what makes the world a great place? No so says Deidre Nansen McCloskey the conservative economist – a key person in the Milton Freeman […]

Great Content in Once in a Great City

David Maraniss (When Pride Still Mattered) demonstrates again why he is one of America’s best at researching and providing the narrative for a story.

His book Once in A Great City is a story about America and its greatest industrial city and their associations and direct connections from the vantage point of 1963. Once […]

Calico Joe ****

John Grisham book’s are always fast reads. Calico Joe can (and most likely will) be consumed in one sitting – maybe two.

In Calico Joe Grisham creates a fine blend of fantasy and what if for baseball fans in general and Chicago Cubs fans in particular. Where Calico Joe shines is in its honesty […]

Rivalry Saturday – ****

I cannot say enough about this body of work by Dan Hollingsworth and Steve Waite.

A person that is a true fan of College Football will greatly appreciate and acknowledge the spirit in which this effort was conducted and successfully completed.

If you attended a college with a known arch rival – then it […]