Traversing The Sawtooth Wilderness

Jeff and Sara Lundy; Skiing Off The Top of the Divide.


For six-days the remarkable beauty of the Sawtooth Wilderness in Winter is my home. The ground covered in six-days is all with a heavy pack, on skis, and two-miles above sea-level.

Accompanied by the wise and talented Chris and Sara Lundy of […]

Imogene Peak in Winter

Photography, backcountry ski touring, winter, a journey up a major named peak, and the Sawtooth Mountains. Now that combination sounds like fun to me.

My goal on this day is to head up Imogene Peak 3,000+ vertical feet – via skins on skis and post hole climb – to capture a late afternoon […]

Revisiting Redfish Lake in Winter

It is rare for me to get a cold, but one is what I have and it continues to linger. As you all know it is very hard for me not to be outside for any extended length of time. However, having consumed what feels to be about 7,464 football games since mid-December, I […]

The Four (or Five) Falls of Na’ili’ili-haele – Maui

Reaching each of the Four Falls Na’ili’ili-haele in Maui is what all guides and guide books about the island categorizes as a “serious adventure”. It is one that ultimately involves trekking, hiking, rock climbing, boulder hopping, use of ropes, scaling waterfalls and swimming to a destination you have yet to personally confirm exists.

The entry […]

Around the Island on the Hana Highway

We ventured from our small cottage on the beach in Paia’ and circumnavigated Maui as a day trip. We said goodbye to our resident family of Sea Turtles and returned just as the sun was setting in our front yard.



There is Still Time to Enjoy – The Colors

Stop what you are doing. Record the game…empty the dishwasher later… get outside and enjoy the colors while they last.


Leatherman Peak Climb

Is there anything of possible interest slightly off your normal path that you have yet to investigate? I chose to take a side trip and investigate one of them – the reward was great.

Leatherman Peak (12,238 ft.) is one of nine peaks in Idaho that top out at 12,000 feet or above in elevation. […]

Sun Playing Havoc at the Perch

Droplets of rain and soft hail begin to fall upon me as the late afternoon sun peeks through the dark clouds. Sitting on an exposed knob at 8,800 feet elevation, the Redfish Creek Valley is 2,000+ feet below to my left and the Saddleback Lakes are 400 feet below to my right. Directly across from […]

Initial Hands On with the Nikon D810

At The Start

The release of the D810 camera from Nikon corporation has reaffirmed my belief – invest in the lens. Do not conclude that I think the D810 is not worth every penny of today’s dollar – doing so would be incorrect. The advent of the body containing digital sensors and sophisticated processing engines […]

Sunrise South to North

My extended backyard ranges from Silver Creek Preserve to the south and the Redfish Creek Drainage to the north. America affixed rather lofty name designations to these locations – Fisherman’s Paradise and Shangri-la – respectively in the 1930’s. Today the designations remain appropriate. I visit the Silver Creek Preserve and the Redfish Creek Drainage often […]