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Capturing Kauai: Challenging for Supremacy of the Roost

If you live on the island of Kauai, Feral Chicken’s are part of daily life.  There is no way to avoid it. If you are not familiar a good background on the storyline is [Kauai Chickens]. 

Throughout the day, we have one to four Roosters and two to six Hens (often with chicks) “living” at our property at any given time. The changing population and control of the Roost is fun to observe.

The current Ruler of the Roost.

The title for Ruler of the Roost is being battled at-present.  The current occupant has the title since the middle of last Summer.  He has held title without much contest since October.  However, things are changing.  Two males from a clutch of nine chicks that all survived to adulthood have stayed in the neighborhood.  The battle for establishing a haram of hens is now in full play.



*** Jeff’s Thoughts and other Worthless Trivia ***

The images above were captured with the Nikon Z9 Camera and Nikon Z 400 MM 2.8 S Lens at ISO 800 1/4000s F4.5 at 560MM.  The Lens is a prime lens that can be set to 400MM or 560MM at the flip of a switch.

I most likely could have shot an image such as this at a lower speed 1/2000 and F8 and ISO 400.  However I was attempting to push the envelope a bit to establish where graininess starts to come into plane.  There just was not any.

The shots were captured hand-held.  I have the Nikon Z 800MM 6.3 S lens and and Nikon Z 70-200 S 2.8 lens with 1.4x and 2.0x Tele-converter as options.  However this lens, with the option to flip effortlessly between 400MM and 560MM has me choosing it more often than the others when operating in this range.  The lens is simply remarkable.





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