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Capturing Kauai – After Sunset in Waimea

The Sunsets from the west side of Kauai are proving to be as advertised – sensational.  As the sun moves north and south throughout the year, the very best spot on Kauai changes  A good deal of time, the best view is from our home located on the oceanfront beach in Waimea town just north of the Waimea River.  In Mid November the sun is setting West Northwest of the house.  On December 21st the shortest day of the year, Sunset will be due West.

However, I have learned there is a Magical Period – even better than the Golden Hour (i.e., 60 minutes before and up to Sunset or the opposite for Sunrise).  At least that is the name I am calling it.  The Magical Period sits somewhere in between Civil end and Astro end.  Often the Most Magical of the Magical Period sits dead between Nautical and Astro.  The Magical Period is heavily influenced by clouds and the dust/dirt in the air.

The photograph above was captured a 6:59 PM on 11/15/2021. It was taken from the porch of the house  It was captured an hour and four minutes after sunset, and 13 minutes after nautical end of day and 13 minutes before Astro end of day.

The images below are screen shots from one of my favorite tools – https://photoephemeris.com. I use the site extensively in planning what I capture and when.  The images reveal the location of the sun – from many different perspectives – throughout the day.

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