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So Long, But Not Good Bye

On Thursday, Linda, Kyle and I said so long to a friend of 15 years, but not good bye.

Shae Dog (SD), the Queen of the current Lubeck Dog Posse – Shae, Merry [Christmas], Valentine, Sage, Willow & Cousin Harper – moved on to Heaven Today.

With assistance from the able and exceptionally considerate crew of Mountain Human, SD moved quietly, graciously, and comfortably from this life to the next.  The three of us were with her all the way.  We adopted SD from Mountain Humane (previously known as Sun Valley Animal Shelter) 15 years earlier (almost to the week).

Late Wednesday afternoon and into the early evening under the warm cloudless skies of fall-time Idaho, we played with all the dogs in our spacious backyard.  Thursday morning we had a final Cup of Joe with SD under the same beautiful conditions on the campus of Mountain Human.

SD was the the second of four dogs we have adopted from Mountain Humane.  Sweetie Dog (a female McNab Border Collie) was the first.  Maverick Dog (a male McNab Border Collie) was the third.  Merry [Christmas] Dog is the fourth.

SD was an exceptional athlete and devoted to her family.  SD had a fast twitch and a slow twitch.

Kyle and & SD playing Frisbee

For the fast twitch, SD in her prime could not be out-run by any dog in retrieving a thrown Frisbee.  SD held a Frisbee in her mouth last night.

SD at the Summit of Gray’s Peak

For the slow twitch, SD was my training partner (along with the remarkable Andy White and the unequaled Karl Meltzer) for Ultra-Marathon races in the Mountain West.  A number of times SD ran a training session of 40 miles with 12,000 vertical feet of gain at my side.

Like other members of the Lubeck Family SD was a movie-a-holic.  SD often sat by my side with her head in my lap watching thousand of viewings in our movie theater – only to run up to the 10 foot screen when animals appeared.

Perhaps, best of all, SD was a great communicator.  She could signal her intentions or understand mine to an exceptionally high degree.

The namesakes for the MESH Art Gallery are Merry [Christmas] and Shae Dog.

Instead of mourning a loss, I celebrate the gift of having SD in my life.

Linda and Shae Dog at the Grand Mogul.
Linda and SD on Redfish
SD on Top of Lubeck Ridge in Winter.
SD in Goat Greek Meadow at the Cabin.
The First MESH Art Logo.

The Popular Images that were taken with Merry & Shae at my side.

Tall In The Saddle © Jeffrey H. Lubeck – MESH Art LLC
Fall Sunset on The Pioneers from Minebender © Jeffrey H. Lubeck – MESH Art LLC
Farley Lake & Parks Peak from Imogene Peak. © Jeffrey H. Lubeck – MESH Art LLC
Irish Spring on Carbonate © Jeffrey H. Lubeck – MESH Art LLC

19 Replies to “So Long, But Not Good Bye

  1. RIP…SD….On Sept 10 we said so long to our friend’s beloved Nellie who I took care of for several years. I swear that dog was smarter than most humans I know. with any luck she is now playing in doggie heaven with SD.

    1. Thanks John. I know that Nellie was important to you because of your love for animals. When you mentioned you cared for your friend’s dog a while back it really hit me positively,

  2. “It is easy to forget that…we die only seven times more slowly than our dogs. The simplicity of this law of proportion came to me early in life,
    growing up as I did so remotely that dogs were my closest childhood friends.”

    The author of that quote was Michigan’s own Jim Harrison from his work, “The Road Home.”

  3. So very sorry for your loss, Jeff. I can see how much richness her companionship added to your life & undoubtedly yours to her. Beautiful memories, huge loss.

  4. Jeff, Kyle and Linda

    My heart goes out to you with the passing of your beloved girl She. I know this territory so well. Our furry children are such a gift and blessing to our lives. How wonderful you found each other and shared these many beautiful years. It’s wonderful you have your photographs to remember her.
    Blessings on the Lubeck family two and four legged and on your precious angel dog.

  5. I consider it a privilege and an honor to have met and accompanied Shae on a few walks. She touched my life just in those brief encounters. No one gave of their love more unconditionally than Shae. Know that you are in our thoughts, that the Waite Family is also celebrating Shae, and that Shae will be waiting for you at the Rainbow Bridge when it is time to cross over into the next life. Her legacy lives on in MESH …

    Our love to all of the Lubecks.

    — Steve

  6. Shae’s rule in life always seemed to be, “Why walk when you can run, why run when you can fly. ” Now that she is stardust, she will sparkle in our memories. No better dog ever lived. So glad for her life, so sorry for her passing, so tearful for you and Linda and Kyle.

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