Moving Art at its Finest – PIG

If you love watching a story unfold before you – telegraphing little, and that rewards paying attention, and observation – the film PIG is as good as it gets.  PIG is great on the small screen, but is worth 10x the price to be experienced in a Movie Theater.

I knew little about PIG before viewing.  I would suggest the same to all potential viewers. PIG is true to the best of what the Mystery and Thriller genre’s demand.

If you have a short attention span and or need Super Hero Action – PIG should be avoided.

PIG Stars Nicholas Cage, Adam Arkin, and Alex Wolf.  All deliver performances that will prove to be standard setters for their careers.  You heard that right.

PIG is written and directed by Michael Sarnoski.  It is based on the story by Vanessa Block.

The Cinematography by Patrick Scola is nothing short of stunning.  It is reason alone to see PIG.

Time may prove that PIG is the best film of 2021.  It is that good!

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