Backcountry Off Trail Kauai Photography

Sitting in the Grand Canyon of the Pacific

The Waimea Canyon is grand on any scale and by any measure.  Located on the western side of the Island of Kauai in the State of Hawaii the Waimea Canyon is 20 miles in length and over 3,500 feet deep.

Ending where the Waimea River empties into the Pacific Ocean, The Canyon descends from 4,000 elevation at its start covering seven different climate zones on the route.

 The Waimea Canyon is called by many The Grand Canyon of the Pacific with good reason. The Waimea shares many characteristics with The Grand Canyon on the mainland of the United States.  The designation is often to world-renown author Mark Twain (Samuel Clements) made during his trip to Hawaii.  However, Clements never visited Kauai let alone Waimea Canyon.  No Matter… The Waimea Canyon is grand.

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