Spotlight: All The Presidents Men

The state of the world and headlines about it can leave most of us with our heads spinning; seeking respite from (paid) Talking Heads spinning the answer to any question back towards their desired Talking Points on today’s media platforms.

Whoa! Step back, take a moment, a few hours, a day, a weekend out of your busy life and escape the media by the nano-second stuff and read the book or watch the film All The Presidents Men. This recommendation may seem counter-intuitive, but if you take me up on my offer – you will realize you are a sane (and decent) person and that the more things seem to change the more things actually stay the same.

The 1977 Academy Awards (films released in 1976) was packed with nominees for Best Picture that ultimately would lose, including All The Presidents Men.  However, all of them, in my opinion, would win in almost any other year. 1977 was similar to arguably the best of all-time – 1940.  All The Presidents Men is a film that I watch once or twice a year.  It was nominated for Best Picture but lost to Network in 1977 – a worthy winner.  All The Presidents Men did win four (4) Academy Awards.  I decided to watch All The Presidents Men recently.

I was reminded of the following:

Political Campaigns for virtually all levels of elected office do whatever it takes to win and stay there. Whatever!  Say it with me; Whatever!  You think the Russians have cornered the market on the highest level of deceit and manipulation.  Think again!  Now, the Ruskies are real clever, and real good at trying to influence almost all goings-on in the world.  However, they are not alone!  You will be reminded of this condition in All The Presidents Men.

A good investigative reporter will do whatever it takes to uncover the facts (and truth) about a story. Whatever!  To be certain, the good one’s verify and confirm – they are not sloppy or stupid – and remember it is their job to find and report NEWS. However, they also will dig relentlessly, interview, ask, cajole, plead, call in favors, and let you fall victim to answering one question when it is really related something else without you even realizing it.  “Are you still beating your husband?”  “H on the list is not for Haldeman… Correct?”  This is why we do not particularly enjoy being THE NEWS.

Watch the movie. While 40 years old – it stands the test of time.  Viewing will remind you – that while all that is occurring right now seems crazy – you are sane.


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