The 2014 Rose Bowl

Standing Tall 2014 Rose Bowl Champions DSC_5669 1 1024
Standing Tall 2014 Rose Bowl Champions © Jeffrey H. Lubeck – all rights reserved


The Rose Bowl Crowd is filing out of the stadium.  A banner noting the Spartans of Michigan State hangs on the Rose Bowl.  And suddenly, almost magically the designation of Champion appears.  Below are images I was able to capture from our trip to the 2014 Rose Bowl.

Waiting for the Pep Rally to Start DSC_4936
Waiting for the Pep Rally to start.
Sparty Guards The Property DSC_4933
Sparty guards the property.
Magic Leads The Way DSC_4938
Magic Leads the way.
Spirit In The Crowd DSC_4948
Spirit in the crowd.
Taking in the Basketball Game DSC_4951
Taking in the basketball game.


Kyle Jeff and Linda DSC_4930
Kyle, Jeff & Linda
Maker of 81 and 81 DSC_4927
Maker of ’81 and ’81
Spartan Spirit Girls and Band DSC_5013
The Rally begins.
Now we are talkin Spartan spirit
The old TUS leg kick.
Ted Jr., Linda and Ted Sr.
Singing Spartan Shadows.
Dantonio urges on the crowd.
Captain Kirk appears.
Jeff, Joe Rexrode and Ted after the rally.
MSU Cheerleaders give TUS their best wishes for 2014.
Linda and The Baseball Expert at the Rose Bowl Parade.
The Marine Corps Marching Band kicks things off.
The new theme for the University of Michigan.
Ohio State seems to miss.
The best Marching Band comes onto the scene.
The sound can be heard by 1 million parade watchers street side.
Let’s get this thing going.
In Lock step.
Trophy, Tony DeMarco and Jeff and the TUS Tailgate.
The Rose Bowl.


DSC_5609 1
Visited with Lloyd and Ty before the game.


Our seats allowed us to be up close and personal.
The ruling on the field stands.
About to receive the trophy.
Rose Bowl MVP Connor Cook.
That is the score to remember.
The BTN crew ready to go live.
One of the additional benefits was that many of us crossed the United States to experience the games personally – including Maker of ’81’s train trip from Michigan to Los Angeles.

DSC_5677 DSC_5675 DSC_4898

On our Spartan trip to Pasadena, we were able take the drive (through) The Great Basin of the Western United States and capture images from the trip.  It has some history and legend to it and although I have made the trip about 30 times in my life – I never tire of the experience.  The drive means; starting out by crossing the Oregon Trail (US. 20 and Idaho 75), getting to stand on the actual trail of the Pony Express (in a couple of spots on U.S. 93), venture on America’s Loneliest Road (U.S. 50),  meander on portions of America’s Lincoln Highway, cross the mighty Colorado River and stand at the end of Route 66 (Main Street of America).

The trip to the Rose Bowl also included a stay and a visit to the Merry-go-round at the Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas.  The trip also allowed to us stay with our longtime friends Brad Bescos and Marsha Connor and their two sons James and Connor while at the time getting Anthony DeMarco into the mix.

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